Canadian Bluenose off to Scotland.

Our best selling yachts are probably the J Class Yachts, but there is usually a story surrounding purchases of the Canadian Bluenoses as noted today. Our buyer asked if the Bluenose could be gift wrapped and also if we could include the description of origin on a card in the packaging. In fact, we liked his suggested description more than anything we could write and it was along the following lines ………….”one for the die-hard salty seadogs of Canada where the boat originates. The Canadian Bluenose was a fishing and a racing boat built in 1921 and an important Canadian symbol in the 1930s. Bluenose was in fact a nickname for hardy Nova Scotians in the 18th century. We think their blue noses would have had more to do with the weather than the whisky”.

It’s not a Plaice, it’s a Chicken Turbot!!!

We thought we would get this in before Trading Standards visit. Just took a telephone order for seahorse wall art from a lovely chap, a commercial fisherman from Hastings. Before bidding farewell, he mentioned that he liked our silver resin sea life items, particularly the silver resin plaice, but it wasn’t a plaice. Nope, that’s a turbot and not any old turbot either. Our silver resin plaice is in fact a chicken turbot and I’m quite sure his description is correct so we shall get down to changing this.  He recently caught a 23 pound one that sold for over £100 at market. We love these phone calls…..just taking the wolf ( I mean the dog ) for a walk….

Best Christmas seller this weekend.

Our brass mini tankards are great sellers as a Christmas present year in year out. Practical, beautifully crafted, in a presentation box and useful! We often wonder what is the most popular tipple going in to these. I’ve just put that thought out to everyone once again, and the consensus is………….”for display”. We think the smaller shot glasses ( very good sellers too ) get the rum. We are often asked if we can engrave the boxes and the online blog answer to this is “sorry but a humble no” due to past mistakes in the process, but on the lovely wooden box there is ample room for a small cooper or brass plate and the name of your choice to be engraved somewhere along your local high street.

Anyone see the Apprentice Last Night?

We heard the Apprentice was showing Poole Quay last night as the location for one of the selling tasks. We thought we had better watch to see what all the fuss was about. We had heard that the production team had spent a lot of the day in the Poole Arms next door to us, as the weather was quite rotten for the Summer. One of the tasks was to sell  polyester life like fish cushions and the team had a brilliant pitch on the waterfront managing to sell £180s worth in a day. We have been aware of these for a few years but not put them up on Dorset Gifts, until today………………

More Christmas Tree requests.

Still doing well with the 6 inch red glass floats seen here with some dandy 6 inch red starfish too. This seems to be the look for Christmas trees and the main colour this season. Greens also going well too, and the turquoise and jade greens. I promise not to go on and on about Christmas trees for the remainder of 2016, in fact – my final post!!

Christmas Tree decorations.

It’s that time of the year where we get a spike in orders for glass fishing floats, and reds are the least popular through the year. As Christmas approaches and the Christmas trees are unpacked, the nautical tree prefers greens and reds to blues and purples. We have lots of red glass floats ready to go. These actually cost a lot more to buy in and the reason we are given ( we never get this right! ) is there is some type of filament required to get the lovely deep red “required” colour. Of course, another great seller for nautical Christmas trees  are the starfish and another tip….. best sellers are usually the white pointer starfish in the 10 cms up size.

Coquille St. Jacques? We have some cool bases……

Scallops have traditionally been used as a base for seafood gratins, appetizers, baking and serving seafood. And why not? We do come across seafood restaurants and imaginative home gourmet chefs trying to go one extra step from time to time, and we think the Mexican scallops with the orange colour are a great choice. Do look at some of the images in the pictures. The melon shells in smaller sizes have been ordered over the years and the abalone shells make for great table décor. Might need to check the handbags at the end of the evening though!

Another phone call for an old boat.

It’s probably a weekly occurrence. The phone rings or an e mail pops up with a request for an old boat to be used as a planter for flowers, or maybe a prop for a theatre production. We recently took an order online for a couple of our rustic bookcases which led to me having to speak to the buyers regarding delivery. They were on their way to a theatre to be used in a play where 2 sailors would be rowing them across the stage. We had to refund, as their use is really light nautical décor. The good news is we are now sourcing old row boats and dinghies for such use and as planters but outside Dorset it will be a “collection only” service. Here’s one we acquired yesterday!

Our most popular beach bag this season.

We have just added up the sales, taken down the slow sellers and ordered some more of the best sellers, as these will sell well again next Spring for sure.  We have a new range of beach bags going live over the next few weeks but expect these to feature prominently in to 2017 – a beach themed bag for all.

Wooden or metal rope pulleys?

With their permission, am having to switch some customers from the wooden rope pulleys to the metal rope pulleys, which have a nice authentic look and weight to them – the nauticalia that looks real and old has been selling well this season, stand by for more products like these in the run up to Christmas.

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