Seagull alternatives today.

Small seagull items on driftwood have sold well all Summer. We have been very pleased with these metal seagulls on driftwood bases which have only come to us in small batches. A few of these have gone out this morning as replacements to the “flying” seagulls on driftwood – they are happier relaxing on a perch.

Silver Resin Sealife anyone?

We are pleased with these. We first set our eyes on them at the Spring Fair In Birmingham ( yes, we know ….several months ago ) and they have immediately starting selling well having only arrived at the end of August. They are made of resin but painted silver and we have to say they are all lovely! Unfortunately likely to sell out by Christmas so worth ordering early. We also have “real” bursa bulbas on our website but are very happy with these resin ones. Our other “picks” are the lobsters and the crabs. The resin silver trumpet triton is a cracker!

Adding new products.

The world of nauticalia usually picks up and gets sailing in mid January – trade shows on the horizon, suppliers exhibiting the season’s new lines, shop keepers painting the woodwork, tweaking the display areas,  bidding farewell to some slower suppliers and greeting the new. It should be a  quiet and reflective time but the go getters are already settling all the bills and looking to improve their offering. We’ve knocked the shop about a bit, it’s an old listed building and sometimes changing a shelf setting makes the foundations creak! We are adding new products on a daily basis. By April there will be an additional 600 nautical items up here. They won’t all be winners, some will stay and some will go. Please let us know what you like and ways we can improve.  Without feedback from our customers we would be lost at sea!

On the subject of nautical weddings…..

It’s not just nautical weddings but also nautical events – a phone call this morning following up an e mail in December regarding suitable seashells for 30 glass fish bowl shaped vases to be used as table centre pieces. The enquiry was for several different seashells to sit at the base of the glass bowls and the fish by the way are plastic! So we got the call and we proposed these seashells which should sit comfortably and be fit for the occasion. All to hopefully be found on our general seashells page.

Cowries purses, but when they’re gone they’re gone.

We’re busy digging deep for items we think have a future as a nautical gift. Take these cowrie shell purses, you wont get more than a couple of pound coins in but they have been made from the shell of a beautiful cowrie and have a small clasp to close. Limited supply and we are selling in fives for under a fiver! A “be quick” one. And look at that beautiful Poole Quay sunny January skyline!

A shell suitable for the engagement ring?

Sunday, the weather has been miserable, but in Dorset at around 1.30pm today the sun appeared from nowhere and I had some stock to pick up from the shop. I motored down to Poole Quay with sun visor front and side down and expecting to open for no more than half an hour, took the liberty of parking in the loading bay outside Dorset Gifts. Things didn’t go entirely to plan. I collected some cowrie place mats and beautiful trocha shells but the shop door wasn’t entirely closed. And if someone sticks their head in and asks if we are open, my accountant’s advice is to always say “yes”. A charming gent enquired about the perfect seashell to hold an engagement ring and present hopefully to  his future wife on the beach at Studland. We have previously used and recommended brown cockle shells for male divers intending to propose on a coral reef ( honestly ) and for this purpose we usually need two matching halves but this enquiry was more a nice walk along the beach to the Banks Arms, suitor finds beautiful seashell not native to these parts, points hopefully at it to future wife and then proposes to her as she picks it up. We decided on a left handed whelk and not because he was left handed but because they are not overly ostentatious and a lovely shape, a little unusual and easy to keep the band of gold secure in the lip.  We hope it all goes well!!!

The most popular craft seashells for sea themed tables.

White heart cockle seashells are mainly sourced from South East Asian waters but if you’re lucky to be on any of the Irish beaches down south you’ll find some pretty, beautiful dazzling white cockle shells there too. We sell ours in two sizes and these are probably the most popular for scattering around centre pieces for nautical décor, for filling vases, for bulking up and surrounding larger seashells. Due to their lightness and small size they can also be glued to driftwood or decorative items. Bubble shells are another popular alternative, often mixed with heart cockle shells and our third best seller in this colour and size are moon shells which are a little heavier and rounder. We continually add craft and smaller seashells, sometimes in one off batches so always worth keeping an eye on this page.

Nautical weddings on our minds for January?

Traditionally we see a spike in sales for all nautical things “white” in January. We will be updating this site with special offers for some of our best selling wedding lines over the next few weeks. We have already reduced from £25 our giant spider conch shells which have always been popular as a nautical centre piece or a feature seashell to be surrounded by other smaller ( perhaps white! ) seashells. We have 150 to sell at the new price – all on or over 25 cms – at the new price they move in to “wedding favour” territory! New small white cockle seashells arriving 8th January and contact us on 01202 285163 to discuss your needs. Also we are expecting some very pretty cockle heart garlands that have bubble and other small seashells built in to the heart – arriving Friday 15 January.

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