And on the 4th Day

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I can see Lisa in the gym taking part in an online keep fit meeting. The dogs are out running around the field with the cats. A wood pigeon has just called out from a birch tree – another sound and indicator of Spring. We have two family birthdays today and I will not be able to see my handicapped older sister who reaches retirement age today or my nephew, who aged 29 today came home from China as a precaution and is now no longer able to get back there and work in his job with the British Council. Brits will not be finding it easy to get back to China and work any time soon as Europe is now the problem. Today we will be mostly targetting our customers from 2015 and those that ordered seashells from us actually that long ago. It’s good to be in touch! We are offering them the 20% discount code on the front page of our website and this is of course eligible to anyone reading our blog. The weather is great all over the UK, please all catch a few rays from a balcony, window or garden if you can!