Coquille St. Jacques? We have some cool bases……

Scallops have traditionally been used as a base for seafood gratins, appetizers, baking and serving seafood. And why not? We do come across seafood restaurants and imaginative home gourmet chefs trying to go one extra step from time to time, and we think the Mexican scallops with the orange colour are a great choice. Do look at some of the images in the pictures. The melon shells in smaller sizes have been ordered over the years and the abalone shells make for great table décor. Might need to check the handbags at the end of the evening though!

Another phone call for an old boat.

It’s probably a weekly occurrence. The phone rings or an e mail pops up with a request for an old boat to be used as a planter for flowers, or maybe a prop for a theatre production. We recently took an order online for a couple of our rustic bookcases which led to me having to speak to the buyers regarding delivery. They were on their way to a theatre to be used in a play where 2 sailors would be rowing them across the stage. We had to refund, as their use is really light nautical décor. The good news is we are now sourcing old row boats and dinghies for such use and as planters but outside Dorset it will be a “collection only” service. Here’s one we acquired yesterday!

Our most popular beach bag this season.

We have just added up the sales, taken down the slow sellers and ordered some more of the best sellers, as these will sell well again next Spring for sure.  We have a new range of beach bags going live over the next few weeks but expect these to feature prominently in to 2017 – a beach themed bag for all.

Wooden or metal rope pulleys?

With their permission, am having to switch some customers from the wooden rope pulleys to the metal rope pulleys, which have a nice authentic look and weight to them – the nauticalia that looks real and old has been selling well this season, stand by for more products like these in the run up to Christmas.

Seagull alternatives today.

Small seagull items on driftwood have sold well all Summer. We have been very pleased with these metal seagulls on driftwood bases which have only come to us in small batches. A few of these have gone out this morning as replacements to the “flying” seagulls on driftwood – they are happier relaxing on a perch.

Silver Resin Sealife anyone?

We are pleased with these. We first set our eyes on them at the Spring Fair In Birmingham ( yes, we know ….several months ago ) and they have immediately starting selling well having only arrived at the end of August. They are made of resin but painted silver and we have to say they are all lovely! Unfortunately likely to sell out by Christmas so worth ordering early. We also have “real” bursa bulbas on our website but are very happy with these resin ones. Our other “picks” are the lobsters and the crabs. The resin silver trumpet triton is a cracker!

Adding new products.

The world of nauticalia usually picks up and gets sailing in mid January – trade shows on the horizon, suppliers exhibiting the season’s new lines, shop keepers painting the woodwork, tweaking the display areas,  bidding farewell to some slower suppliers and greeting the new. It should be a  quiet and reflective time but the go getters are already settling all the bills and looking to improve their offering. We’ve knocked the shop about a bit, it’s an old listed building and sometimes changing a shelf setting makes the foundations creak! We are adding new products on a daily basis. By April there will be an additional 600 nautical items up here. They won’t all be winners, some will stay and some will go. Please let us know what you like and ways we can improve.  Without feedback from our customers we would be lost at sea!

On the subject of nautical weddings…..

It’s not just nautical weddings but also nautical events – a phone call this morning following up an e mail in December regarding suitable seashells for 30 glass fish bowl shaped vases to be used as table centre pieces. The enquiry was for several different seashells to sit at the base of the glass bowls and the fish by the way are plastic! So we got the call and we proposed these seashells which should sit comfortably and be fit for the occasion. All to hopefully be found on our general seashells page.

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