Day 1 Lock Down

By / 24th March, 2020 / Uncategorized /

We had to make just the one essential journey to the shop today as we were expecting our ice cream suppliers to change one of the fridges. This of course was cancelled yesterday but we needed to move all the ice cream back in to our storage freezer. We really have a super ice cream supplier – if you are West Country based you may well have heard of and tasted Marshfield Ice Cream. They have been supplying and helping us for several years and won many accolades in the industry. It’s sad to see in the run up to Easter that they have halted production. They will bounce back stronger, but if you do see their products in convenience stores we recommend the salted caramel and caramel fudge with clotted cream from their organic farm.

We are hearing that India have just gone in to lockdown. One of my favourite places in the world – Mysore, the sandalwood city, will be suffering and our thoughts drift over to India. Our picture of the day – one of the new whale photo frames arriving this month.