It’s been a while…..

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We don’t blog very often and occasionally use Instagram and Facebook but once the Summer season passes we have a little more time to look around our websites. Yesterday Boris instructed us to close for another month and in the run up to Christmas. We will get by as we are not just “bricks and mortar” but thousands of businesses in hospitality will not reopen. Our main issue this Summer has been the supply chains who got very little support from the government. Boris seems to think he can switch on and switch off businesses. Whilst we understand this has to be done the bitter pill has been watching a certain sector of society really not being bothered at all. On one Sunday in September in the shop I had to request 58 customers to put on a mask – yep, I was counting.  And looking down the line this will stop start up businesses coming along, taking on employees.  Through the Winter the economy really be as flat as a pancake with very few wealth creators entering our sector.

That’s my Sunday morning rant before a trip down to the shop on November 1st where we will be reducing the prices on all the ice cream to get it sold by lock down.  And in the rain too.  Here’s a picture of our beach hut tin buckets – excellent to use as hampers we think. Useful after Christmas  and a bit different compared to the traditional whicker hampers.