Bathroom Sign in Wood


These charming bathroom signs are made of a light wood.

25cms long

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We took a look at our signs. We looked at what they said. The most poetic of our team, and the only one with an “A level” in English said, “you’ve got lots of signs saying lots of lovely things but if it’s the bathroom you have to get to the point”. So we found a sign with “bathroom” written on it in to add to the portfolio and can now sell these in the USA alongside the WC sign. They both have very different meanings depending upon what really happens once you close the door to the bathroom and neither have very much to do with having a bath.

They are made of a light wood, a wood that is light enough for us to send them to the USA where recipients can wash their hands, have a bath or even use the WC. There’s another cross-Atlantic meaning for “Rest Room” – we’ll get on to this next – what you get on to in there has very little to do with resting. We’ll probably do one of these in driftwood.