Nautical Fridge Magnet


The nautical fridge magnet designs are:
Beach Hut Fridge Magnet
Lighthouse Fridge Magnet
Sea Scene Fridge Magnet
Boat Fridge Magnet

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The ubiquitous nautical fridge magnet! We sell these in volume in our shop so it’s only fair they have a place on our website. Found in coastal resorts throughout the UK and often over written with the name of the resort the buyer is visiting. These ones are a lot more pleasing to the eye and come in four rustic blue nautical designs. They measure approximately 3 inches in height and 2 inches in width, are made of resin and have a magnet on the back unsurprisingly. Perhaps not a future “cash in the attic” line but the best new design we’ve seen this year! Some customers have bought these to use as wedding favours.


Beach Hut, Lighthouse, Sea Scene, Boat