Pirate Boats


In Poole we have a Pirate Festival Fun day on one of the Saturdays in late June. It’s turned in to a big if not the biggest event on Poole Quay and is in memory of Harry Paye, a marauding resident of Poole and commander of the Cinque Ports who 600 years ago did positively vile and horrible things to the French and Spaniards. In fact his antics led to the French and Spaniards attacking Poole and raiding our shops before us townsfolk saw them off! In Harry’s honour we have to sell pirate lines in the shop and this sturdy little boat which can also be used as a pond yacht, seen looking good in boy’s bedrooms the nation over, is our most popular pirate line by far. We carry a fairly full range of pirate boats and regalia so it’s always worth giving us a call or sending an e mail to info@dorsetgifts.com if you’re in the market for pirate hats, pirate flags, pirate bunting or even pirate waterballs. We get it all in for Harry!

Approx 6 inches long, 6 inches high and 2 inches wide.


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