All our gloss finished polyester cushions have a multitude of uses and are very lifelike. Some of our customers even take them fishing with them. They’re famous too as made an appearance in The Apprentice in November 2016 opposite our shop on Poole Quay. One of the tasks was to sell these exclusively at the Poole Quay Boat Show. Unfortunately the charming young man ( who didn’t win ) got fired but we think it was more down to the fact that we were selling them cheaper in our shop. I suppose it was raining too. Anyway, we digress, and these are very popular and have made good TV!.  The fish of your choice is printed on both sides and yes, they have a multitude of uses. Although they are well stuffed cushions they are often bought just for décor and can brighten up a nautical room. A great present  for children too as are CE tested for children aged 3 upwards.

At 60 cms in length, ladies and gentlemen…….the rainbow trout cushion.