Studland Beach Hut.

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For identification purposes only  we have named this lovely beach hut ornament ( which doubles up as a money box ) the Studland beach hut although it has absolutely nothing to do with Studland, Dorset or anywhere else along our beautiful coast.  You would have to spend a long time searching for a beach hut in Studland matching this and your search will probably end up in our shop several miles to the east which opens seven days through the season from 10 am to sometimes as late as 10 pm depending how I’m getting on with the wife. Measurements …16 cms in height, 10 cms deep and 12 cms wide.  I suppose we can still call this shabby chic which remains a defining term for something that has been painted perhaps in the dark. This does have lovely shades of white blue and grey and a ships wheel on the front. Like all our merchandise this comes highly recommended.

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