Large Shells and Display Shells for sale in the UK

We buy large seashells from the two most reputable shell suppliers in the UK and are probably now their biggest clients. All our giant seashells for sale come with ecological certification and are sustainable. Scroll through our listings of beautiful seashells and it won’t take you long to realise that most of these shells have been partially eaten first. And that’s the way we want to keep it. Our best selling starfish are washed ashore and our children understand the importance of preservation as well as we do. Charitable donations through our shops are weighted towards the RNLI and marine conservation. We only sell online a small proportion of the large seashells we sell in our shops, so if we’re too far to pop down and visit, please call Jamie on 01202 285163 or email at if you can’t find what you’re after but you know it’s out there and want to purchase from a reputable shell supplier. We have large corporate accounts and frequently sell our shells wholesale to wedding parties, interior designers and high end shops for use in window displays. We also specialise in giving good prices for seahsells in bulk. As market leaders we promise to see you right with the best value display shells and lowest price in the UK for shells to add to your collection!

Poole Oyster Shell
Poole Oyster Shell

Unlikely to see these oyster shells at this size anywhere. They really wouldn’t fit on your plate, certainly six wouldn’t.. Minimum 15 cms – huge oyster shells  and every bit as good as clams in our opinion. We can get these larger. These originate from the oyster reefs in  Poole Harbour and we only select over size oysters. As such these look unique and are becoming very popular as nautical décor. From the step of our shop one can see the oyster reefs in Poole Harbour by Brownsea Island where these originate from. The beauty of these is the irregularity of shape – no two are the same. Interesting fact – the foundations of our Georgian shop on Poole Quay consists mainly of broken crushed oyster shells dating back to the Roman occupation and settlement on our Quay a few thousand years ago. Slightly worrying but still standing!

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Nautilus Shell - Pearlized
Nautilus Shell – Pearlized

Our wonderful Nautilus shells are described in detail above and these pearlized Nautilus shells have had their outer layer removed to show the “mother of pearl” inner layer. Nautilus is from the Greek word for “sailor” and these pearlised nautilus shells are so perfectly proportioned that they have become symbols of symmetry.

15 centimetres minimum

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Lambis Chiragra
Lambis Chiragra – min 7 inches

These Lambis Chiragra shells are popular with collectors and make great decorations around the home. They are shallow water nautical shells which feed off coral reefs in Indo Pacific waters and the flesh from the snail is edible and used for food. They’re aso known as spider conchs and interestingly the female has two shoulder “fingers” which are larger than the others while all the male “fingers” are about the same size. We don’t take orders for male or females but we do take orders for one or two. Great as a shell decoration in a coastal design home or as shop window display props.

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Murex Ramosus
Murex Ramosus

Murex Ramosus sea shells are abundant in Indo Pacific Seas and are the “whitest” shells we sell and hence popular as features on wedding tables. The large size makes them certainly big enough to hold a tea light in the middle of the pink lip. The Murex Ramosos is also probably the shell we all remember most from seaside shell shops we would browse in as children. These are not completely white and have a pink colouring around the lip. Most murex are predatory tropical sea snails living amongst rocks and corals. In ancient times a purple dye was extracted from the snail’s glands and used to colour royal robes. There are hundreds of species of murex but our ramosus shells remain the most sought after.

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Frog Shell - Bursa Bulba
Frog Shell – Bursa Bulba

A relative of the trumpet triton but thicker and heavier, Frog Shells live in warm waters beneath the coral where they happily feed on marine worms. You’d be lucky to see a frog shell though as they blend in to their surroundings to become virtually invisible to the naked or marine worm eye! Why frogshell? Well, the chestnut and mid brown patterns on the shells do resemble the skin of some frogs. We find the mimimum 23 centimetere frog shell size the most popular for display purposes although we will happily quote you for larger sizes at . These really are one of the ocean’s most beautiful creations and will look stunning in any room of your home.

Minimum 23cms

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