River Mussel Shell
River Mussel Shell (single)

What a lovely picture of Poole Harbour!  You will hear the expression “paired” when purchasing seashells and a paired shell will be both halves sold together and sometimes glued together too although quite lightly and often the shells will open if you use a knife but with paired and glued seashells they could damage while opening.  These river mussel shells, which are quite flat can come paired too but these are sold as “singles”  and by that we mean one half of a complete  river mussel seashell. These mainly come from the Phillipines. Flat river mussel shells which have been polished and measure 17 cms up. Great as soap dishes or in the bathroom. That silvery look for beach themed décor and also popular for weddings and to display jewellery on. Image shows both sides so you can see the top of a mussel shell and also the inside. Always a good seller, especially in the shop on Poole Quay. Want to see our products before buying? If you are anywhere near Poole it’s worth popping in to our shop and sadly we open 7 days a week from May though to September. If there is anything you specifically want to see please e mail the product or products and the day you are coming down  and we will endeavour to make sure we have these in the shop for you to peruse ( what a lovely word! ).

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Brown Cockle Shells
Brown Cockle Shells

Nice heavy brown cockles shells from the Phillipines which have been paired. Approximately 10 cms across. Great for art work as these are nicely ribbed. Most unusual use? Several years ago we got an order for these from a potential groom who went to great lengths to ensure that these would be suitable to use for his proposal of marriage while scuba diving in South East Asia. The plan was he was going to point to the shell which he was going to get out of his diving suit and get his lovely and hopeful wife to be to open it  and the engagement ring would be therein. What could possibly go wrong? We did ask for an update but don’t recollect hearing back. These are heavy attractive seashells which do vary a little in colour from this reddish brown to brown itself. A great price for these. Are you looking to order in bulk?  It’s always worth e mailing us  as if we like the sound of you and get the feeling we are on the same level ( and you’re spending at least £150 ! ) we should be able to offer discounts for some lines. These are “paired” which means both halves on this occasion are lightly glued.

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